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Our corporate profile
Established in 1963, Mold-Masters is a privately-held global company and the world's leading supplier of hot runner technology and systems.

We design, manufacture and support a full range of hot runner products, including hot runner systems, temperature controllers, hot halves and gating technologies. At Mold-Masters, we are always looking to deliver the ultimate in melt delivery and control systems.
By the numbers

In our products

different molding applications
Number of nozzles we manufacture a day. Years of experience making a quality product. That is the Mold-Masters standard.

By our people

Present day employees. And the number keeps growing with fresh, innovative thinkers that help keep Mold-Masters leading edge and industry leaders.

In our research

Pending and received patents in hot-runner technology. That’s research you can trust.

In our global reach

Number of countries we manufacture for and sell to. At Mold-Masters, our sales and service support stretches internationally, allowing us to be front and center on the global stage.

With our sustainability

Years we have spent reducing plastic waste through our innovative injection molding process.
What makes us number one?
  • Almost five decades of driving industry firsts.
  • First manufacturer to be ISO 9001 registered.
  • More hot runner options and features than any other manufacturer.
  • Superior technology enabling customers to produce higher quality plastic parts, faster, reliably and cost effectively.
  • Offices and manufacturing facilities supporting customers worldwide.
  • A relentless commitment to customer service and support.
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