NPE 2024

Thu, 02/29/2024 - 18:31


Mold-Masters® Introduces Latest Technology at NPE 2024

New hot runner systems, controllers and more on display in Booth W1601A

Mold-Masters, a leading developer and supplier of hot runners, controllers, auxiliary injection, and co-injection systems, will showcase its latest products in Booth W1601A at NPE 2024: The Plastics Show, held May 6-10 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. The new products include hot runner systems, temperature and motion controllers, an auxiliary injection unit, a gate seal, and sustainable processing solutions.

The new hot runner systems include the Fusion Series® G3 and the EcoONE-Series. The Fusion Series G3 hot runner system comes pre-assembled and features the following enhancements: compound nozzles; a heated nozzle flange; quick change headless valve pins; and waterless actuators featuring passive actuator cooling technology.

The EcoONE-Series 1-8 drop hot runner system is a highly economical, standardized solution suitable for processing commodity resins for simple, cost-sensitive applications such as consumer goods, small home appliances, basic automotive components, electronic peripherals/accessories, and more. It’s offered with a wide range of standard components including nozzles with a shot range capacity of <5 g up to 3,500 g in lengths ranging from 50 to 300 mm. Manifolds are available with custom pitch ranges.

Also on display will be the new TempMaster™ M4 hot runner temperature controller and the M-Ax™ mold motion controller. The TempMaster M4 features Mold-Masters’ new HR-Connect technology, which eliminates conventional mold thermocouple and power cables and replaces them with a single lightweight cable connecting the mold to the control head unit. Featuring an innovative new Mold Direct Mount design, the TempMaster M4 sets a new standard for temperature controller design.

The next-generation M-Ax mold motion controller features a simplified user interface with special features, including preprogrammed mode functions and energy and torque monitoring. Energy monitoring allows molders to measure and track the energy consumption of their motion controls, while torque monitoring can be used for a variety of purposes as determined by the user.

Additional products featured at the show will include the company’s E-Multi® product line of auxiliary injection units, which now includes the E-Multi mini. A compact, lightweight unit designed for small shot weights, the E-Multi mini is affixed to the mold and can be mounted in nearly any orientation. It also has a pivoting hopper that can move from left to right to accommodate challenging installation positions.

The Sprint® APEX gate seal minimizes flow lines, improving environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR) of CSD caps by up to 40% to support light weighting. It is also designed to enhance part quality, improve color change by up to 65% and minimize maintenance costs by eliminating the insulation cap associated with other industry standard gate seal designs.

Mold-Masters’ co-injection multi-layer systems maximize the use of recycled content. Our technology allows molders to incorporate recycled content up to 50% of total part weight as the core layer positioned between two layers of virgin resin. Our co-injection technology is compatible with small to large packaging products and a range of other applications. Mold-Masters offers both complete system solutions and a retrofit package to convert conventional single shot injection machines to co-injection.  A system producing 5-gallon pails with recycled cores on a 950t machine will be on display and running live.

The company’s various processing solutions for bio-resins and recycled materials, will also be on display at the booth.

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