Mold-Masters MasterCARE® refurbishment services returns any hot runner system to “like-new” condition. After using state of the art cleaning processes and replacing worn and damaged components you’ll enjoy your original high output productivity, increased uptime and excellent reliability. Before you experience a complete breakdown, give our experienced staff a call. Pre- schedule your service today and guarantee faster turnaround. Unlock your operations full potential with MasterCARE.

Operate at Maximum Efficiency

  • Highest part quality by maintaining your molds best possible resin processing parameters and gate vestige.
  • Brings system back to 100% cavitation.
  • Enhances color change performance.

Cost Effective

  • Reduces service and maintenance requirements.
  • More economical than buying a new mold.
  • Discounts on spare parts with service.

Rapid Turnover

  • Get back into production quickly.
  • Quotes in as little as 24hrs, refurbishments completed in 3-8 days.

Certified Mold-Masters Technicians

  • All work is completed by those who know your system best.
  • Access to original system drawings to ensure service accuracy and to expedite repairs.

Warranty Renewals

  • All replaced components renew their original warranties.
  • Warranty is also extended on the hot runner system.
  • Minimizes operational liabilities for greater peace of mind.

Time to Upgrade

  • The perfect opportunity to upgrade your system to utilize the latest technologies and enhance performance of your mold even further.

Refurbishment Services Include:

  • System inspection.
  • Cleaning of the manifold and melt channels.
  • Clean water channels of mineral build-up.
  • Replacement of all worn components.
  • Electrical check of all heaters.
  • Dimensional check of all components.
  • Pressure test water and hydraulic systems.
  • Certification detailing all services performed.


For more information please contact your local Mold-Masters representative.