TempMaster ME

Our simplest and most economical hot runner temperature controller for up to 12-zones.

TempMaster Mt

Economical, precise temperature control for low cavitation molds

TempMaster M1+

Advanced, compact temperature control for medium sized molds.

TempMaster M2+

Advanced, fully featured control for superior molding performance on any size mold.

TempMaster M3

Revolutionize your operation. Eliminate conventional TC mold cables.

TempMaster iM2

The powerful TempMaster M2 control platform can now be seamlessly integrated into any injection machine to eliminate the controller footprint. Features precise APS control technology and a wide range of advanced features to optimize the performance of any hot runner system. Unlock your operations full potential with TempMaster iM2.


Valve Pin Actuation

SVG (Sequential Valve Gate)

Sequential valve gate control.

E-Drive (Electric Synchro Plate)

Electric synchro plate valve gate control. Eliminate actuation variability.


Servo Electric Valve Gate. Superior actuation control

SVG Power Pack

Easily integrate Sequential Valve Gate (SVG) actuation control functionality to a molding cell with Mold-Masters SVG Power Pack. A full stand alone pneumatic or hydraulic system that powers SVG functionality. Ideal for machines that do not have the existing functionality or the necessary capacity.

Mold Automation

M-Ax Motion Control

Precision control for servo driven automated mold functions.

Mold Cooling

Water Flow Monitoring (WFM)

Enhanced water flow process control ideal for high tolerance applications across any industry.