M-Ax Motion Control


Molding environments are increasingly being digitized. Servos for mold functions offer superior precision, control and repeatability over traditional methods. The M-Ax servo axis motion controller offers the greatest process control accuracy and easiest adjustments of automated linear and rotary mold functions.


    Precise Servo Control

    • Control a wide variety of mold functions.
    • Each M-Ax servo can be easily switched between liner or rotary axis movements.
    • Integrated hot runner temperature control available.

    Single, Large Touch Screen HMI

    • Simple and intuitive to use.
    • Centralized control of servo and temperature control.

    Fully Configurable

    • Maximum flexibility.
    • Programmable user defined I/O.
    • Integrate additional molding functions.

    All Electric Operation

    • Viable for clean room applications.
    • Reduces energy consumption by up to 60%.

    Servo Functions Include:

    • Valve gates
    • Core pulls
    • Coining plates
    • Index plates
    • Stripper plates
    • Ejector plates
    • Rotary tables
    • Spin stack
    • E-Drive Synchro Plate
    • E-Multi Auxiliary Injection
    • Movements: Rotary or Linear
    • Number of Drives (Max): 3*
    • Servo Amps: 4.5 - 44*
    • Programmable I/O (Std.): 16 (8/8)
    • Programmable I/O (Max): 64 (32/32)
    • IMM Interface: E67
    • Mains Voltage: 3 AC 200-480V
    • Motor Supply with Controller: Yes (customer specified)
    • Available with Integrated Temperature Control: Yes

    *Custom configurations available upon request.