Mold-Masters Co-injection Technology has been proven valuable for improving packaging and containers for a wide range of products as well as innovations that further illustrates Mold-Masters’ commitment to ongoing development of the industry.



    Mold-Masters is the leading supplier of equipment for the production of 100% recyclable, single use coffee pods.
    The injection molded cup qualifies for a ‘5’ for recyclability. A key benefit of an injection molded cup is the ability to mold features into the cup that in cases replace the addition of costly components such as filter disks which can increase the cost per 1000 by as much as $5.  This benefit also eliminates a second molding process, scrap, assembly costs and part weight.

    Injection molded cups also have better mechanics allowing them to use more shapes, provide wall and barrier consistency and produce better clarity in clear parts. These cups also have a flange seal off area and no barrier breakthrough.


    Mold-Masters Co-injection Technology combines PET with the latest barrier and oxygen scavenging resins for beverage applications. The finished PET co-injected containers can offer as much as 60 times the oxygen barrier performance of a monolayer PET container, thus providing superior shelf life of the product. Typical applications that benefit from this process are: beer, coffee, tea, milk, tomato-based sauces, carbonated soft drinks, natural fruit juices and malt beverages.

    A full range of co-injection preform molding systems are available, engineered to meet a variety of production needs from laboratory and market introduction to high and super-high production. In addition, every Mold-Masters Co-injection system operates at the exact same throughput rates as monolayer preform systems so converters can take advantage of the benefits of co-injection without sacrificing cycle time or overall productivity.




    There is increasing interest in using co-injection for PP containers worldwide in commercial applications as an alternative to glass as packaging for food products.

    Brand owners and retailers have already identified plastic containers as superior to glass for their glass-like clarity, light weight, durability and long shelf life. As a light weight package PP is also favored over glass as it requires less energy to manufacture and is much easier and cheaper to transport – an even more significant advantage as oil prices continue to rise.

    Featuring Gamma-Clear technology, which uses polypropylene and EVOH with a “compatibilizer”, it strengthens the container’s properties and prevents de-lamination.

    Typical package sizes include:

    • 63-70mm (sauces, fruits, vegetables and soups)
    • 51mm (baby foods)
    • 33mm (juices)

    PP co-injection preforms make exceptional alternatives to glass packages where filling temperatures exclude the use of PET (above 95°C, up to 121°C for retort packages).


    Mold-Masters Co-injection Technology has been developed to produce one-piece barrier caps and closures. These caps, when used as closures on co-injection containers, provide even better product freshness and shelf life than previously possible. In addition, molders of these caps can realize substantial cost savings since the barrier closure is produced in a single molding operation. Traditional barrier caps are typically made up of two or more pieces, including a plastic cap and a seal. Mold-Masters Co-injection Technology eliminates the need for any secondary production process.



    Mold-Masters Co-injection Technology is fully customizable to create a moisture, gas and light barrier for containers of all shapes and sizes. Our staff will work with you to create the specific barrier that your company needs. In the past, we’ve been challenged with producing high barrier containers for water-based paint, medical technology, various chemicals and many other unique applications. Any product that needs a container that preserves freshness and lengthens shelf life is something we can help you with. Contact us today with your company’s challenge to let us find the ideal packaging solution for you