Mold-Masters Co-injection, formerly KORTEC®, allows two different resins to be combined into a single 3-layer melt stream. This specialized process can be used to enhance part performance and cost without any penalty to cycle time or production volume. Depending on the materials selected and the application, Co-injection can be used to extend shelf life, improve production efficiencies and allow for greater design flexibility. The Technology is compatible with High-Performance Barriers, Bio-Resins, and PCR/Scrap. Mold-Masters Co-injection can be used for a wide range of applications across any industry including preforms, thin-wall containers, closures, and much more.

As the pioneer and industry leader in Co-injection Technology, Mold-Masters has extensive co-injection science knowledge and the most application experience. The world’s leading brands rely on Mold-Masters Co-injection Technology to deliver solutions that outperform. Contact us with your application today.

"We continue to work with Mold-Masters on a number of applications for our co-injection preforms and they are always more than willing to engage and provide support on this. As the demand for co-injection preforms increases, we are confident that Mold-Masters can provide scalable higher cavitation systems for our existing machines."

- Rus­sell Gray, Chief Operations Officer at NGOC Nghia Industry, Vietnam



Mold-Masters Co-injection Technology adds value to a wide range of everyday products.

Klear Can

The ideal alternative to metal cans for fruits, vegetables, soups, meats, & much more.


Mold high quality, economical, co-injected parts for less.

Hot Runner System

Improving everyday products. Preserving freshness, maintaining flavor and extending shelf life.