Sprint hot runner systems are specifically engineered for caps and closure applications. Optimized for reliable high speed molding, Sprint systems are capable of <2 second cycle times, fast color changes and low energy consumption. A range of special features ensures highest production quality while minimizing downtime. Now includes MasterSHIELD Technology as standard for enhanced leakage protection.


    Sprint Nozzles

    • Excellent thermal profile (10% Max Variation*).
    • Enhanced process repeatability.
    • Produces high quality parts and minimizes scrap.
    • NEW MasterSHIELD Technology for enhanced leak protection.

    Hot Tip Thermal Gate Seal

    • Optimized for high-speed molding.
    • Excellent gate quality.
    • High durability extends service life.
    • 1 Year (3M cycle) warranty
    • Industry standard gate cut-out and bubble.

    iFLOW Manifold Technology

    • Best in-class melt management.
    • Industry leading mold fill balance.
    • Rapid color change performance.
    • Extensive flexibility for design optimization.
    • Patented melt flow geometry, flow path options and runner shapes.
    • Reduced stack height.

    Brazed Heater Technology

    • Superior thermal balance.
    • Enhances rheological balance.
    • Exceptional reliability minimizes downtime.
    • Eliminate spare heater costs.

    Industry’s Best Warranty

    • Available 10 year coverage.
    • Shot Range: <1g – 10g
    • Runner Ø: 8mm (0.31")
    • Nozzle Length Range: 87 - 127mm (3.43" – 5.00")
    • Minimum Pitch: 47mm (1.85")
    • Bore Cut-Out Ø: 32mm (1.26")
    • Advanced Molding Capabilities: High Cavitation, Tight Pitch.
    • Available as a hot half system only.

    Available Gating Styles


    • Sprint Standard Tip
    • Sprint Color Change Tip