Medical components are often complex, high-clarity transparent, low weight parts with tight tolerances that demand exceptional molded part quality. We represent your best choice for producing the highest quality part through our superior process control and repeatability. We were the first to successfully mold with many engineering grade resins such as PC, PBT, POM and COP. You can also rely on our global support network to support expansion into emerging markets. Common applications include medical devices, PPE, syringes, pipette tips, blood vials, pill bottles and more.

  • Highly technical components/applications
  • Part weight range from <1g to 500g+ (typical)
  • Excellent surface and gate quality finish
  • High repeatability
  • High productivity
  • High reliability
  • Clean room requirements
  • Compact mold designs
  • Ability to process thermally sensitive and corrosive resins
  • Multi-material molding
  • Extending shelf life and freshness.

Standard Resins

  • ABS
  • COC
  • HDPE
  • PC
  • POM
  • PP
  • PE
  • PS
  • PBT
  • PA
  • COP
  • AND MORE...

Advanced Resins

  • LSR
  • AND MORE...
  • High cavitation
  • Industry leading melt management
  • Compact mold designs
  • Premium valve gating
  • Side gating
  • Tight pitch
  • Inside gating
  • Electric actuation
  • Supports fast cycle times
  • Auxiliary injection units
  • Co-injection multi-layer high performance barrier technology

New Blood Vial Technology

IMPROVE YOUR TIR TOLERANCES BY UP TO 90% (AS LOW AS 0.15mm).Blood vial technology results

Producing Medical Blood Tubes is a mature, high volume market, which is served by multiple ‘A’ brand hot runner suppliers. Generally, molds for this product range from 32-96 cavities. Mold-Masters has introduced a proven technology for this application that improves part quality tolerances (TIR-Tolerance in Roundness) by up to 90%. Significant improvements beyond what the industry accepts as being possible within the current standard tolerance limits. Mold-Masters blood tube technology has the potential to be an industry game-changer.

Mold-Masters was challenged to find a technical solution that would minimize core deflection in the molding process of PET blood tubes. As a rule, long thin tubes require cores mounted in the injection mold to be able to produce the desired geometry. Difficulties arise when filling the cavity resulting in shear and thermal changes that affect the viscosity of the material impacting core shift resulting in barrel bow of the part due to wall thickness deviations. Generally, the industry widely accepts and understands that producing long thin-walled parts means tolerances will be demanding and next to impossible to attain during production times.

Due to the very aggressive L/T and very thin core of blood tubes, a core deflection of 0.5-1.5mm is commonly accepted amongst all molders, toolmakers and HR suppliers involved in this market segment. Mold-Masters has achieved core deflection (TIR) as little as 0.15mm (70-90% improvement). Benefits from improved part quality include:

  • Tubes roll concentrically in the labelling machine.
  • Increases final stage throughput.
  • Minimizes machine downtime.

While the industry has learned to deal with certain core deflection, this new solution opens a huge window of opportunities for light weighting, cycle time savings, reduced scrap, etc.

This puts Mold-Masters a unique position to provide results that no other hot runner suppliers can match. That’s “Performance Delivered”.

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Multi-Material Hand Sanitizer Package


Founded in 1971, Hagleitner Hygiene International GmbH has specialized in innovative hygiene solutions. Their product assortment ranges from soap and disinfectant dispensers to dosing system for washing and rinsing systems through to highly effective cleaning agents. The family company manufactures all products itself. The headquarters in Zell am See, South of Salzburg, combine chemical-technical production, paper finishing and plastics processing.

Sanitizer ClipHand sanitizers have been among the most popular products since the beginning of the corona pandemic. Dispensers are not only standard in hospitals and care facilities but also now in many public, retail and office environments. Companies offer sanitizers for their employees and visitors as a measure to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. In order to be able to quickly and easily refill the contactless dispensers, Hagleitner has developed refill “vacuum bags”. These refill packs each consist of a tubular bag and an adapter piece with an integrated closure. Inserted into the dispenser upside down, the closure slides open automatically.

The adapter piece, which incorporates an integrated seal, are produced using a two-component injection molding process in a 4+4 turntable mold. First, the shoulder plates made of white polypropylene are injected and after the tool rotates, the blue TPE seal is injected directly onto the part. Prior to COVID-19, Hagleitner produced 10,000 refill packs a day on a single machine (20hr/5days).

In order to service the skyrocketing orders, the Austrian hygiene specialist had to more than double its production volume in less than a week. There was no way to meet the increased demand by simply increasing production on the existing molding cell so a second molding cell needed to be launched. This record-breaking implementation speed was made possible, in part, by Mold-Masters E-Multi Auxiliary Injection Unit which allowed them to convert one of their existing single shot machines over to this multi-material application. Almost overnight, production was increased to 15,000 units per day (24hr/7days) with these two molding cells.

Hans-Jürgen Landl from Hagleitner stated that the cooperation with Mold-Masters is excellent, especially with the local representatives in Austria. “This is truly a lived partnership”.

E-Multi on mold

The Mold-Masters E-Multi Auxiliary Injection Unit is a proven platform, utilized globally, that easily and economically converts any injection machine to multi-material capabilities. It can be installed horizontally, vertically or any position in between. It’s also compatible with a wide range of thermoplastic and LSR materials. As it is electrically powered, it maintains a much more compact work envelope than hydraulic alternatives and its servo motors allows for production to be highly precise, repeatable and reliable. They also have the ability to be utilized throughout a production facility or shipped from location to location with relative ease. Hagleitner were already utilizing several E-Multi units on their existing cells for years so they were already familiar with all of the benefits. Although E-Multi’s have been supplied in as little as 5 weeks (much faster than a new injection machine), obtaining one within a week when they are not off the shelf products, posed it’s own challenge.

Hagleitner production

To the credit of Hagleitner’s strong partner network, they realized Alpla (who supplied them with canisters and bottles for many years) had identical E-Multi units in their own plants. Working together, Alpla sent this piece of equipment over for the conversion to take place. Hagleitner brought their duplicate back-up mold into full time production as part of the second cell. The rest is history. In only a few days, production was increased to 15,000 units per day (24/7) with these two molding cells.

With the E-Multi, we are more flexible than with a second fixed injection unit on the injection molding machine and it can also be integrated quickly into any other injection molding machines. The necessary requirement for this is of course the appropriate equipment with the corresponding interface. - Hans-Jürgen Landl, Hagleitner

This is one of the many examples of how Mold-Masters product advantages where leveraged to pull off what would be impossible for others. Mold-Masters is proud that our customers where able to utilize our products as part of their solution towards the global fight against COVID-19.

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