Klear Can

Today, shoppers expect more. Yes, they want quality, convenience, a long shelf life, a low price, and great taste. But above all, they reach for the products that stand out.


    Introducing the Klear Can: a revolutionary innovation that delivers the benefits of plastic in a striking, proven, durable can design. Showcase your fruits, vegetables, soups, meats and other products to shoppers with eye-catching clarity. Best of all, the Klear Can uses the same filling, seaming and retorting machinery as metal cans. Be among the first to market and give shoppers a window into a world of freshness with Klear Can.

    Be The Klear Standout And Offer A Window Into Freshness

    If you want a product that stands out in a sea of metal cans, turn to the Klear Can.

    The patented crystal clear barrier provides a new and exciting way to showcase ingredient quality and freshness. Your fruits, vegetables, soups and meats will come to life like never before, making use of the transparent barrier with breakthrough designs.

    Global Consumer testing studies reveal shoppers prefer food they can see in Klear Cans to the images printed on traditional metal can packaging.

    Industry Approved

    The Klear Can is BPA-free, unlike many traditional metal cans. Klear Cans three-layer plastic barrier provides more than two years of shelf life. This patented, co-injection molded, prophelyne EVOH plastic meets all industry standards for manufacturing and food safety and underwent more than 18 months of rigorous industry testing and trials.

    Compatible With Existing Canning Operations

    We’ve made it easy to convert and ramp up Klear Can production.

    Klear Can uses the same filling, seaming and retorting machinery as metal cans, so minimal downstream investment is required. Also, manufacturers have the ability to mold cans at the filling site to save time and money.

    Using a standard metal can end and the industry standard double-seam process, the Klear Can is designed to withstand standard retort pressures and temperatures of up to 130 degrees Celsius.

    Though the Klear Can is uniquely lightweight, it’s stackable and dent-resistant. Also, this innovation is cost competitive to metal cans and fully recyclable.

    Powered By Mold-Masters Co-injection Technology

    Mold-Masters has more than 20 years of experience bringing patented, high barrier applications to food packaging, closures, media and many other products. Our turn-key mono-layer and multi-layer PET systems are backed by full tooling options. Though Klear Can launches with the industry-standard 73 mm can, the technology is incredibly flexible to allow for new sizes, shapes and form factors.

    Learn how Klear Can can revolutionize your food products or canning operations.

    Contact Co-injection@moldmasters.com to get your free production sample and speak to a Klear Can expert.