E-Multi LSR


E-Multi easily and economically converts existing equipment to enable multi-shot and multi-material molding, expanding your operations potential. Now available for LSR,  the proven E-Multi platform is fully compatible with any Injection Molding Machine and the ideal solution for precision LSR molding applications in any industry.


Precision Servo Control

  • Achieve critical shot weight accuracy in micro-molding applications to within 0.004g.
  • Offers unbeatable repeatability and reliability.

Quick Change Barrel Assembly

  • Minimizes downtime for quick and easy cleaning.

Direct Melt Pressure Control

  • Enhances process control and precision.

All Electric

  • Viable for clean room applications.
  • Energy efficient.

Thermoplastic Convertible

  • Capable of processing thermoset and thermoplastic materials.
  • Requires optional thermoplastic screw and barrel assembly.
  • Expands your molding capabilities and minimizes risk.

E-Multi Controller

  • Fully featured unit ensures complete process control and flexibility.
  • Capable of integrating additional functionality to centralize and simplify various mold functions.
  • Shot Volume (Max Theoretical): 38 cc (1.28 oz)
  • Screw Dia. Range: 16 – 22 mm (0.63 – 0.87″)
  • Injection Pressure (Max): 1,300 bar (20,000 psi)
  • Injection Rate (Max): 136 cc/s (4.6 oz/s)