Master Solutions

Product designers continue to create new components for ever more technical and demanding applications. Molding these components often present new challenges and include a wide variety of uncertainties. When faced with these situations, our customers rely on Mold-Masters MasterSOLUTION team for answers.

Mold-Masters MasterSOLUTION team exists to minimize the risks from technical uncertainties through painstaking quantitative and qualitative due diligence. MasterSOLUTION involvement occurs when there is a high level of complexity and/or risk on an application. This small but specialized team of engineers is well versed in advanced CAE analytical review. They have the freedom to modify our standard product to adapt it to suit a custom application or to develop a fully custom solution. The Master Solution team will do whatever is necessary to ensure you have the best solution for your application. 

MasterSOLUTION has the ability to get involved at any stage, from as early as the initial design phase to later on when you’re in full production.

If you have questions or uncertainty about your technical or challenging application, contact Mold-Masters today for your solution.