The industry’s latest advancement in hot runner technology delivering peak performance and ultimate precision. Ideal for molding with today’s challenging abrasive, corrosive, shear and temperature sensitive resins like PC, POM & PBT. Summit-Series is critical for demanding Medical, Personal Care and Technical molding applications.


    Summit-Series Nozzles

    • Superior thermal profile (5% max variation*).
    • Ideal for molding shear and temperature sensitive resins.
    • Exceptional process control and repeatability.
    • Produces high quality parts and minimizes scrap.
    • Serviceable from the parting line.

    Full Stainless-Steel Construction

    • Greatest resistance to corrosive and abrasive resins.
    • Helps prevent contamination defects from premature wear.
    • Extends service life.

    iFLOW Manifold Technology

    • Best in-class melt management.
    • Industry leading mold fill balance.
    • Rapid color change performance.
    • Extensive flexibility for design optimization.
    • Patented melt flow geometry, flow path options and runner shapes.
    • Reduced stack height.

    Brazed Heater Technology

    • Full heater contact optimizes heat transfer.
    • Superior system thermal balance.
    • Exceptional reliability minimizes downtime.
    • Eliminate spare heater costs.

    EcoDisk Ceramic Pads

    • Standard in all Summit-Series systems.
    • Provides greater thermal stability.
    • Reduces energy consumption by up to 29% (vs. steel pads).

    Industry’s Best Warranty

    • Available 10 year coverage.


    *Based on internal lab test results.


    • Shot Range: <1g - 50g
    • Runner Ø Range: 5 - 8mm (0.20" - 0.31")
    • Nozzle Length Range: 25 - 224mm (0.98" - 8.82")
    • Minimum Pitch: 22mm (0.87")
    • Bore Cut-Out Ø (Min): 16mm (0.63")
    • Actuation Options: Electric, Pneumatic or Hydraulic
    • Advanced Molding Capabilities: High Cavitation, Tight Pitch, Inside Gating, Premium Valve Gating, Stack Molds, Multi-Material.
    • Available as a hot half system only.


    Available Gating Styles


    • E-Type Torpedo (+Extended)
    • F-Type Torpedo (+Extended)
    • C-Sprue
    • Hot Sprue (+Extended)


    • Accu-Valve MX
    • Accu-Valve CX
    • Accu-Valve GX
    • Cylindrical Hot Valve
    • C-Valve
    • Hot Valve

    Actuation Options


    • Hydraulic Cylinder
    • Pneumatic Cylinder


    • SeVG+ (Servo Electric Valve Gate)
    • E-Drive (Electric Synchro Plate)
    • SVG (Sequential Valve Gate – PN/HY)