Consumer Goods

Simple items that make daily life easier for consumers. Attractive, functional products that can be brought to market quickly and affordably with an eye to sustainability is the focus of the consumer goods sector. Common applications includes kitchen/cooking utensils, pens/highlighters, baby products, toys, toilet seat covers and more.

    • Part weight range from 5g to 500g (typical)
    • High productivity
    • Lower production costs
    • High part quality
    • High reliability
    • Compact mold designs
    • Multi-material molding
    • Sustainability (PCR)

    Standard Resins

    • PP
    • PS
    • PE
    • TPE
    • AND MORE...

    Advanced Resins

    • AND MORE...
    • High cavitation
    • Supports fast cycle times
    • Valve gating
    • Industry leading mold fill balance
    • Rapid color change
    • Auxiliary injection units
    • Co-injection PCR Technology