Large White Goods / Logistics

Although non-technical in nature, they require a high volume of resin, performance and efficiency. Common applications include large appliance components (washers/dryers) and logistical equipment like pallets and crates.

    • Medium to large part production
    • Part weight range from 500g to 3,500g (typical)
    • High surface quality finish
    • High productivity
    • High reliability
    • Minimize downtime
    • Sustainability (PCR)

    Standard Resins

    • ABS
    • PS
    • PE
    • PP
    • PA
    • AND MORE...
    • Drop-in systems
    • Valve gate
    • Advanced servo actuation process control systems
    • Rapid color change performance
    • Stack molds
    • Global support network
    • Rapid spare parts supply
    • Field replaceable components
    • Auxiliary injection units
    • Co-injection multi-layer PCR technology