Accu-Line FM


Engineered to deliver exceptional part quality with today’s challenging abrasive, corrosive, shear and temperature sensitive resins such as PC, PC-ABS and PMMA. Critical for demanding Automotive Lenses, Medical, Personal Care and Technical molding applications.


In-Line Flush Mount Design

  • Buried in plates for added protection.
  • Even force distribution.
  • Valve gated for larger process window.

Full Stainless Steel Construction

  • Greatest resistance to corrosive and abrasive resins.
  • Helps prevent contamination defects from premature wear.
  • Extends service life.

Brazed Heater Technology

  • Excellent thermal profile (10% max variance*) for tight process control.
  • Compatible with shear and temperature sensitive resins.
  • Superior reliability minimizes downtime.
  • Eliminates spare heater costs.

In-Press Service Capabilities

  • Quickly and easily maintained.

*Based on internal test results.

  • Compatible Nozzles: Dura+, Master-Series
  • Shot Range: 50g – 5,000g
  • Runner Ø Range: 11 - 22mm (0.43" - 0.87")
  • Nozzle Length Range: 28 - 488mm (1.10" – 19.21")
  • Bore Cut-Out Ø (Min): 32mm (1.26")
  • Actuation Options: Pneumatic or Hydraulic
  • Available as an assembly only

Available Gating Styles

Valved (Dura+ Nozzles)

  • Bi-Metallic Ball Nose
  • Hot Valve (+Extended)
  • Bi-Metallic C-Valve (+Extended)

Valved (Master-Series Nozzles)

  • Accu-Valve MX
  • Accu-Valve CX
  • Cylindrical Hot Valve
  • C-Valve
  • Hot Valve