Hot Runner System

Mold-Masters Co-injection hot runner systems (formerly Kortec) utilizes industry leading technology to convert mono-layer components to multi-layer while maintaining your existing part quality and productivity levels. The core layer can be either a high performance barrier to improve part performance or a post consumer recycled (PCR) resin to lower part costs. Ideal for a wide range of packaging, medical, consumer goods and automotive applications.


    Co-Injection Nozzles

    • "3-Layer" Flow.
    • Core on "zero" gradient of velocity profile.
    • Total control of core distribution.
    • Shot-to-shot and cavity-to-cavity consistency.
    • Pneumatic Valve Pin Actuation.

    Co-Injection Manifolds

    • Optimized hot runner channels.
    • Low residual volume.
    • Improved shear balance (verified in production).
    • Cavity-to-cavity uniformity.
    • Leverages Mold-Masters technology.

    Standard Mold Construction

    • Standard cooling.
    • Standard cavity spacing.
    • Ability to retrofit existing molds.

    High Compatibility

    • Ability to utilize existing tooling.
    • Use with monolayer and multilayer tooling.
    • Applications are reviewed on a case by case basis. Please contact for more information.