APS (Adaptive Process System) Technology

APS (Adaptive Process System) Precision Temperature Control Technology is standard on ALL Mold-Masters TempMaster hot runner temperature controllers which allows users to optimize the performance of any hot runner system. 

Advantages of APS Technology includes:

  • Enhance Part & Gate Vestige Quality
  • Improve Part Consistency
  • Reduce Scrap
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • Maximize Profit Margins

APS Technology is a proprietary precision temperature control Auto-Tuning algorithm that continuously monitors, learns, predicts and automatically adapts to process variables of each individual zone allowing for enhanced processing precision and reliability. Making almost instantaneous micro adjustments every 20ms ensures mold temperatures are maintained with the highest degree of precision, varying only the slightest amount from set point. The result is the most precise control in the industry. Unlock your operations' full potential with TempMaster.