An advanced inline design proven to deliver consistent high performance processing capabilities for exceptional part quality. Available with the broadest shot range capacity and widest range of resin compatibility. The ideal choice for high volume production or prototyping, of the smallest to largest parts, with applications across any industry.


    Fully Integrated In-Line Manifold Design

    • Reduces mold backing plate thickness by up to 67%.
    • Valve gated for larger process window.
    • Greater durability vs. off-centre designs.
    • Large runner profile improves resin flow.
    • Incorporates high temperature Viton seals.
    • Reliable leakage protection.

    Single Zone Heated Body

    • Superior thermal uniformity.
    • Enhances molding process control.
    • Improves part quality.
    • Minimizes scrap.

    Water Cooling Channels

    • Hose or Direct Mold Connection.
    • Minimizes component misalignments from heat expansion.
    • Maintains system integrity.
    • Ensures long term reliability.

    Brazed Heater Technology

    • Superior reliability maximizes uptime. 
    • Eliminate spare heater costs.
    • Energy efficient.
    • Shot Range: <10g – 3,500g
    • Runner Ø Range: 6 - 18mm (0.24" - 0.71")
    • Nozzle Length Range: 25 - 488mm (0.98" – 19.21")
    • Bore Cut-Out Ø (Min): 16mm (0.63")
    • Actuation Options: Pneumatic or Hydraulic
    • Available as an assembly only.


    Available Gating Styles


    • Accu-Valve MX
    • Accu-Valve CX
    • Accu-Valve GX
    • Cylindrical Hot Valve
    • C-Valve
    • Hot Valve