NEW TempMaster M4


Mold-Masters NEW TempMaster M4 is a full featured advanced controller platform designed to enhance molded part quality, minimize scrap and simplify your molding cell. It incorporates many new exciting innovations including revolutionary HR-Connect Technology. Unlock your operations full potential with TempMaster.


    NEW HR-Connect Technology

    • Completely eliminates the need for conventional mold power AND thermocouple cables.
    • Eliminating these cables helps to reduce cost, weight and clutter from the molding cell.
    • Connects to the mold via a single, thin lightweight cable.
    • Wiring the Hot Runner system remains unchanged.
    • Compatible with new and older (retrofit) Hot Runner Systems.

    New Compact Form Factor

    • Machine mountable to eliminate the controller footprint.
    • 12” full-color touch screen.
    • Electrically adjustable screen to optimize viewing angle.
    • Optional lightweight compact trolley for enhanced mobility and flexibility.

    High-Capacity Modular Control Card (3z-15A)

    • Reduce your card requirements by up to 30% (vs. competitors).
    • On-board heater and thermocouple fuses.
    • High reliability minimizes downtime.
    • Power to control a wide range of zones including nozzles, manifolds and more.

    SmartMOLD Inside

    • Standard (built-in) with every TempMaster M4 controller.
    • Easily collect real-time process data.
    • Integrate with your existing local ERP/MES systems.
    • Receive text/email alerts.
    • Temperature Control Zones (Max): 72 @ 15A
    • User Interface: Full Color LCD Touch Screen
    • Display Sizes: 12" (305mm)
    • Control Algorithm: APS (Adaptive Process System)
    • Power Control: Phase Angle Burst Firing Modes (Time Proportional, Zero Crossing)
    • Temperature Display Resolution: 1° (C or F)
    • Power Response Time: 8.3ms at 60 Hz
    • Temperature Scale: °C or °F (Software Selectable)
    • Thermocouple: J or K-Type (Software Selectable)
    • Output Voltage (Max): 264 VAC
    • Supply Voltage: 200/240 3P Delta or 380/440V 3P Star (480V, 3P with transformer)
    • Ports: Serial, USB and Ethernet
    • Communications: SPI, Real VNC, Modbus, OPC-UA
    • Languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Czech, Italian, Turkish, Danish, Hungarian.

    *For more complete specifications, please refer to the product marketing literature in the “Downloads” section.