Mon, 06/17/2024 - 15:20


Mold-Masters® Releases TempMaster M4 Hot Runner Temperature Controller


Mold-Masters®, a leading developer and supplier of hot runners, controllers, auxiliary injection, and co-injection systems, has launched the new TempMaster M4 hot runner temperature controller, which features the company’s new HR-Connect Technology. Through this technology, a single cable connects the mold to the controller head unit, which eliminates conventional mold thermocouple and power cables to minimize extra weight, clutter and complexity from the molding cell.

The TempMaster M4 features a Mold Direct Mount (MDM) design, with a standalone control display head unit and incorporates a wide range of advanced processing and protection features similar to our previous flagship controller platforms.

The TempMaster M4 compact control display head unit can be attached directly to the injection machine to eliminate the controller footprint or kept mobile by placing it on a lightweight compact trolley base. The head unit incorporates a 12 in. full-color touch screen, providing an intuitive interface for all control functions. The screen angle can also be adjusted to optimize viewing. Optional step-down transformers are also available.

The TempMaster M4 uses a new modular 3z-15A control card with on-board TC fuses for quick and easy serviceability. M4 has the capacity to control up to 72 temperature zones. The control cards are installed directly on the mold in the M4 control box(es) which replace conventional e-boxes and stay with the mold. Wiring the hot runner system remains unchanged. This technology is compatible with new and existing hot runner systems (retrofit). Retrofits are quick and easy as an adapter is available that plugs the M4 control box directly onto the plugs of the existing e-box.

The controller, covered by a 5-year warranty, also comes Industry 4.0 Ready (OPC-UA) and has SmartMOLD built-in. This allows users to collect valuable real-time process data. Molders have the option to feed the data directly into their existing local ERP/MES systems and into the SmartMOLD cloud software (optional). Both configurations offer the ability to receive a variety of text and email alerts.

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