Mon, 06/17/2024 - 15:55


Mold-Masters® Expands E-Multi® Auxiliary Injection Unit Product Range to Accommodate Smaller Multi-Shot Applications

E-Multi mini

Mold-Masters®, a leading developer and supplier of hot runners, controllers, auxiliary injection, and co-injection systems, has expanded its E-Multi product line with the

launch of the new E-Multi mini and controller.

The E-mini is the smallest E-Multi intended for small shot weights as low as 0.1 cc (0.01 oz), which is suitable for a wide range of multi-shot and multi-material applications across any industry. Its small size (830 x 140 x 335 mm/32 in. x 6 in. x 13 in.) and light weight (55 kg/121 lbs.) make installation quick and easy.

The unit, affixed to the mold, can be mounted in almost any orientation (vertical/horizontal/angled) and features a pivoting hopper that can move from left to right to accommodate challenging installation positions. Although it uses a smaller controller cabinet with standard 15 in. full color display and is available with a wireless display tablet interface, it offers the full process control of the full-size controller of the larger E-Multi units.

The E-Multi platform easily and economically converts any existing injection molding machine to allow for multi-shot, multi-material or co-injection capabilities that can be implemented with significantly lower capital investment requirements and faster lead times than a traditional multi-shot injection machine. E-Multi units (EM1-EM5) are also available, offering a broad shot range from 7.7g to 1,237g (0.26 oz to 42 oz) and is compatible with a range of materials including PCR and bio-resins. An E-Multi LSR is also available.

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