Benefits of Replacing Metal Cans with Plastic Cans

Wed, 08/26/2020 - 14:39

metal canFor years, the canned food industry has been dominated by metal. There haven’t been any revolutionary changes in the canned food industry until now, with the introduction of plastic cans. The highest quality plastic cans are injection molded and manufactured using a patented co-injection molding process and are a combination of polypropylene plastic with an EVOH barrier layer. The plastic cans offer all of the same features as metal cans, with even more great benefits including:

  1. Plastic cans are clear, allowing brands to showcase the quality of their food and be creative with their packaging unlike traditional metal cans
  2. Plastic cans are BPA-Free and can withstand retort pressures and temperatures up to 130 ̊C, most metal cans have BPA liners
  3. Plastic cans uses the same filling, seaming and retorting machinery, making downstream investment minimal for canners and brand owners considering switching
  4. Plastic cans use a single standard metal can end and industry standard can end double seam process so customers are familiar with the opening process
  5. Plastic cans are lightweight and dent resistant unlike metal cans, making them easily stackable for shelves and displays
  6. Plastic cans are even microwavable, making heating soups and veggies more convenient
  7. Sizing for plastic cans is flexible and can match any metal can size – big or small
  8. Plastic cans, including the metal lid,  are fully recyclable

Milacron was the first company to offer an injection molded co-injection  plastic can. Our Klear Can is the first plastic can to offer all the features of a metal can plus more. To learn more about the Milacron Klear Can, visit

clear plastic canclear plastic can with food in it